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Patient Results

  • Vickie is one of the most gifted healers I’ve ever met. I have so much to thank her for! Not only has she helped me and my older son with numerous, unrelated health issues over the years, but she recently facilitated a seemingly miraculous healing in my younger teenage son. He had been experiencing alarming fevers of unidentified origin, along with headaches, nausea, and extreme fatigue, on a daily basis for more than three months.

    Countless specialists at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center took blood and ran endless tests, but not a single doctor had any idea what was causing his ailments. When I finally brought my son to Vickie, he was so low on energy that he was sleeping most of the day and couldn’t attend school for an entire semester.

    After the first session with Vickie (which he slept through on her table), both he and I were stunned when he got up completely revitalized for the first time in months. When we got home, he literally climbed walls, raced around the yard, and broke out in giant smiles while doing dozens of handstands. A wellspring of blocked energy had been released and he was completely cured for 24-48 hours.

    His sudden transformation was really unbelievable, but it happened again every time Vickie worked with him. After just a few weeks of 1-2 sessions per week he was completely cured. He has been well ever since.

    Besides Vickie’s special talents as a healer, she is one of the most authentic and loving people I know. She is fiercely committed to discovering the truth and doesn’t hesitate to say or do what needs to be done. Her expertise displays a depth of wisdom rarely encountered. I am incredibly grateful that Vickie’s life has intersected with mine and my family’s.


  • I’ve been seeing Vickie Fairchild for physical therapy, body work and yoga since I was 16, per recommendation following an auto accident. Eighteen years later, she’s seen me through other accidents, giving birth, and work projects that left me with chronic pain. Her services are unique and comprehensive. She has an innate understanding of the body and has the ability to work through skeletal, muscular and facial tissue imbalances that can lead to pain. I’ve learned a lot about how to maintain good posture and skeletal and muscular health from her, as well as the importance of aligning the body and mind from the inside-out. She brings tremendous knowledge and experience to physical therapy, ‘a step above the rest’ compared to traditional physical therapy, leaving you feeling better and having an understanding of why your pain is occurring and how you can be empowered to manage it.
    In addition to my healing, I have brought each of my three children to see her soon after birth for an un-winding, cranial work and light body work. She has a powerful connection and healing touch that infants respond very well to — leaving them more relaxed and able to sleep more soundly. I’ve referred friends and family for years and I would recommend her services to adults and new moms for their babies post-delivery.


  • Whenever I have a chronic pain or acute injury, Vickie is the only call I make. She knows the body and what it needs to heal itself. She combines her encyclopedic knowledge of the body with some kind of magic x-ray vision that always locates the deepest issue that needs to be addressed. It doesn’t take long until the chronic pain is absent and the acute pain has dissipated. She’s the master healer.


  • I came to Vickie Fairchild as a patient 28 years ago after injuring my lower back and still see her now when the need arises. I had been treated by other physical therapists and many doctors before I found Vickie. I had endured painful injections and had tried pain medications to no avail. The pain was constant and greatly affected my quality of life. I knew that after my first appointment with Vickie that I was finally in the right place! She was able to relieve my pain after the first session. Vickie is knowledgeable, kind, sympathetic and goes above and beyond for her patients. I can’t say enough good things about her. I have recommended my entire family to her when they have needed help and Vickie has always gotten them out of pain!


  • Vickie Fairchild has an amazing gift for healing, blending technical medical mastery with intuitive connection and extensive study of age-old practices. I personally have experienced her skill in restoring health in very difficult situations and I have witnessed relief of chronic and debilitating pain. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


  • Vickie is a knowledgeable, intuitive healer, physical therapist and yoga master teacher. She knows the body like no one else. She can see where I am out of alignment. She has more ways of healing than anyone I know. She has helped me to keep my body healthy, flexible and strong.


  • Vickie has deep resources of knowledge about how the body works and deep intuitions about what people need for their souls.  She brings rare and high integrity to her practice. Her touch brings out miracles.


  • I had back surgery in 2006 and wanted to start yoga but was worried I might injure myself.  A friend recommended Vickie Fairchild since she is a physical therapist and a yoga instructor.  I went and I am hooked and continue to go.  She has “aligned” my body as well and got me hooked on yoga such that I gave my significant other a gift certificate to Vickie for Christmas – now she is hooked too.  She is also a very spiritually connected person which is a bonus for me.  I highly recommend her.


  • Have you ever felt like just a number when receiving medical treatment?  Not at Light Touch Physical Therapy! Vickie Fairchild gives her clients hands on healing in her private practice.  I have received her healing treatment for a variety of conditions from tendinitis, TMJ, post-op ankle surgery, costochondral separation to alignment issues.  I trust her completely to treat the whole me, not just my condition.