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Acute And Chronic Pain

Acute And Chronic Pain

Do you want to live pain-free? Physical therapy can help.

Pain is the body’s way of telling you that there is damage. Pain can vary in intensity and type. Pain can be sharp, achy, dull, radiating, pins and needles, or even burning. These different types of pain can explain what structures are involved and why the pain is occurring. You may also experience acute pain, which occurs quickly and resolves within a few days, or chronic pain, which can linger for days, months or even years.


Helping Acute Pain

Acute pain typically occurs after injury or trauma. For example, you hurt your low back after you lifted something too heavy with poor body mechanics. This pain is typically sharp and then turns to dull or achy after a few days. Sharp pain is increased with movement. The sooner you can be seen by a physical therapist the better. Modalities such as e-stim, ultrasound, ice and heat can assist in decreasing inflammation. Furthermore, specialized hands on therapy can reduce muscle spasm and promote faster healing. In addition, we teach you proper posture and movement mechanics to prevent you from future injury, while allowing your sprain, strain or injury to heal faster.


Soothing Chronic Pain

We help people with chronic pain that have not been able to achieve relief with many other medical means. When the body adapts to injury over the long-term, other areas become strained. This leads to a chronic cycle of inflammation, pain and poor tissue function. Furthermore, many people with chronic pain have difficulty dealing with everyday life situations and their mood suffers. Medication and injections only numb the area, without treating the root cause of the problem. In addition, there are many side-effects to using pain medication long-term.

Our treatments focus on restoring the natural movement, strength and function to your injured areas. Our specialized treatments help to restore the natural balance in your over-stressed nervous system, calming the pain. If you have tried many other forms of treatment for your chronic pain, call today to speak with our specialist. We guarantee that you will have an experience like no other and finally seek relief for those nagging pains.