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About Light Touch

Sound Science + Profound Spirit = Vibrantly Alive

Your physical body, after gene expression, is created Vickie Fairchild
in great part from repeated patterns of movement. It is a miracle expression of your birth experience, developmental sequencing, your thoughts, and your enlivened beliefs and life experiences. Sometimes those patterns create imbalance or misalignment, which can cause injury, stress, disease and pain. Light Touch Physical Therapy works with people to realign the body back to its original state by tapping into their own body’s intelligence.

 Vickie M. Fairchild, PT, CMA, LMA, HHC has studied the physical body and movement for more than 30 years – through traditional physical therapy training, along with other modalities such as dance, yoga, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, BodyMind Centering and Laban Movement Analysis. Her whole life is a dedicated study of the body and how movement affects, creates and heals the body. This perspective allows her to help the client to identify the primary cause of the problem for the body to reveal the often times unconscious trauma stored in the cellular memory in the brain and other areas like the tissues, bones, muscles, fascia and organsThis allows her to identify and bring light to any underlying emotional issues that could be impeding the healing process. 

This approach incorporates a variety of healing modalities that are designed to treat not just the physical body, but to address the root cause of the imbalance – physical, emotional or spiritual. The foundation is based on sound scientific, anatomical research and formal physical therapy training, and aligns with other healing modalities, taking a holistic approach to healing and wellness that has helped hundreds of patients reclaim their lives back from injury, disease and pain.

Her clients range from newborn babies, dancers, yogis, athletes to the elderly. While they all have different needs, her approach is to determine the root cause of the issues, while helping people to reach their goals by bringing the body back to health and back in alignment by tapping into the body’s intelligence. Her goal is to give her clients the tools, support and inspiration they need to become vibrantly alive.