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Why Light Touch Physical Therapy

Why Light Touch Physical Therapy

Experience: Over 30 years of extensive training and treatment of a wide variety of different diagnoses and ages from newborn to seniors.

Time: One-on-one time by a licensed physical therapist with no interruptions.

Individually Created Treatment: Based on your goals and issues identified at the time of your thorough evaluation.

Team Approach: We will work with other members of your healthcare and healing team to maximize your response, your results and to fully support you in the process.

Integrated Approach: We utilize a variety of traditional, progressive and holistic therapies as they apply to you.

We Care! We care about you as a person and the results obtained. We want you to be satisfied and happy with your care.

Patient Satisfaction: Communication and adapting as needed to maximize results.

Extensive Training and Understanding: Leading to expertise and mastery of the art/science of healing.